PennWhite Print Solutions' Dedicated Raw Material Bulk Storage Tank

A third raw material bulk storage tank has been installed at our Middlewich manufacturing facility, this one dedicated to PennWhite Print Solutions’ range of Finasil silicone emulsions. With a capacity of 24,000 litres and standing almost 7 meters tall, the tank will provide valuable extra on-site storage at PennWhite.

Production Manager Stephen Whitehead is overseeing commissioning of the tank and explains the benefits it will deliver once up and running, “Our experience and expertise has helped establish PennWhite Print Solutions as a major supplier of silicone emulsions to the printing industry, but the nature of commercial printing means that we often need to manufacture our premium Finasil products at short notice to meet customer deadlines. This is not a problem if we have key raw materials in stock and that’s where the new bulk tank comes in.” Stephen continued, “Having more raw material instantly available will allow us to satisfy last-minute Finasil orders whatever their size. This sort of investment demonstrates our commitment to meeting the unique needs of the printing industry.”